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Dear Donald,

I can’t tell you how rapt I am that you won. I have always shared your dreams and aspirations from the time I entered the Miss Universe Pageant only to be unfairly eliminated in the local heat at our church hall. I can’t wait for you to make a Presidential visit to Aussie when we can work together on policies like forcing the Indonesians to pay for Operation Sovereign Borders, sending Tasmanian Senators back to Tasmania, insisting that China pays $150 a tonne for iron ore, planning my bid for The Lodge and gaining the benefit of your feelings in other areas of mutual interest.



The ACTU; Our Brother Bill’s Keeper
This week’s article in the enthralling series details how Bill and the ACTU react to the CFMEU’s threat to take over Labor policy-making and includes their consideration of whether they could rely on the ABCC to prevent it happening