Offering a uniquely Australian perspective on the US Presidential election

170804993-russian-president-vladimir-putin-speaks-during-a-press.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlarge“I can now reveal that Trump is a Russian sleeper agent who was activated for the Presidential election and spurred on to victory by my brilliant hacking campaign. His wife Melania who comes from the dedicated Marxist-Leninist Knavs family in Slovenia is head of our clandestine operations in the US and Trump’s controller. With this one inspired diplomatic master-stroke I shall put an end to any thoughts of a cold war, ensure that China gets sandwiched between the two of us, give the world a break from climate change and triple vodka exports to the US”

More fascinating Luce Talk

In this week’s edition of this absolutely compelling series Lucy reveals her anguish that incredibly Malcolm isn’t being recognised as Australia’s greatest-ever Prime Minister because the special sort of greatness he brings to the job                   sadly seems beyond the capacity of most people to appreciate.