Offering a uniquely Australian perspective on the US Presidential election

“Look I do hope you’ll vote Malcolm back as PM because I’ve just got The Lodge to the stage where it’s looking really nice and given three more years I believe I could make just as liveable as our pad at Point Piper. It was such a shame that the Abbotts weren’t really interested in upgrading the place and if Bill and Chloe move in next month the place will be full of unionists fingering the curtains and spilling beer all over the carpet. So if you vote Malcolm back both into Parliament and The Lodge as PM and I’ll ensure that at least in one of them he won’t get into bed with the wrong people”

A Special Message from the Leader of the Opposition

Bill Shorten has chosen The Malcolm and Bill Show series in Friday Mash to explain why he’s made the recent changes to Labor’s economic policy. It would be inadvisable to vote in this election before you’ve read this landmark dissertation and extremely difficult once you have.