Offering a uniquely Australian perspective on the US Presidential election

“Australia is faced with a major challenge. Who is going to save us from Malcolm, Labor, the Greens, the ABC, asylum seekers and Gillian Triggs?
It won’t be Trump because he’s got his hands full with the US nor will it be Pauline because no-one outside Queensland can understand what the hell she’s rabbiting on about.

So in my humble dissembling sort of way I’ve decided it will be me. As leader of the Australian Majority I will take the bold decisions this country desperately needs like replacing Tony Jones on Q&A with Andrew Bolt, transferring the independents in the Senate into psychiatric care, extending Operation Sovereign Borders right round Australia, knocking down Canberra and replacing it with something that works better, postponing climate change until we can afford it and making Tony Abbott the Head of the Human Rights Commission”
The Weak in Politics

At this time of year when all the other publications tend to slack off and take their eye off world politics you can rest assured that Friday Mash has not relented in its uncompromising pursuit of the global issues and events that really matter and they’re all featured as usual in this week’s edition of The Weak in Politics.

Happy New Year