Offering a uniquely Australian perspective on the US Presidential election

“If the UK votes for Brexit life for the Poms could get tough. So as a contingency measure I have prepared the Adopt-a-Pom programme. This will enable every Australian to come to the aid of a Pom who is struggling post-Brexit with essential humanitarian aid like Kylie Minogue CDs, Chinese takeaway and bum-warmers. Please keep in mind that if we don’t take such radical steps to maintain Pom living standards the blighters could fly over here in their millions to visit the rellies, stay on as economic refugees and put back the development of our multicultural society by years”

Great New Series about the ACTU and Bill

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of Bill becoming PM but not being delegated any power by the ACTU don’t miss the compelling The ACTU – Brother Bill’s Keeper series starting this week.