Offering a uniquely Australian perspective on the US Presidential election


“It’s time for a shakeup at the ABC because the board has finally woken up to the fact that hardly anyone under 65 is taking any notice.

I should like to stress however that our brilliantly successful all-women line-up for Women’s Day does not mean we’ll ever go as far as an all-Coalition line-up to celebrate Equal Rights Day.

Given my determination to maintain a complete cross-section of political views at the ABC it is worrying that the influx of great talent from the Labor Party like Barry Cassidy and Kerry O’Brien seems to have dried up. I shall therefore take all necessary steps in consultation with Bill Shorten and the ACTU to prevent our rigorously fair political coverage becoming dominated by the Greens”

The Power of Public Bar Politics

In this week’s compelling article in the Public Bar Politics series Fred Plodge asserts that public bars are the true home of Trumpism in Australia.