Offering a uniquely Australian perspective on the US Presidential election

“Malcolm double dissoluted parliament with the aim of dumping Ricky and the Brick with Eyes from the Senate but more to the point he wanted to rid himself of the emotional strain he feels in Canberra whenever I am near. Latest indications are however that I’m in with a shot of retaining a Senate seat and if I do he’ll just have to cope with his intense feelings for me. So I’m appealing for everyone with rellies and friends in Tassie to take up the challenge of persuading them to vote for me because they can be assured that I won’t succumb to Malcolm’s proposals for an alliance unless of course he invites me to shack up with him at The Lodge”

Fred Plodge’s Complete Voting Guide for the 2016 election is published in today’s Friday Mash

If you are a still a reluctant or don’t-know voter you’ll find that reading Fred’s Guide published today as part of the Public Bar Politics series is enough to push you over the edge.