Offering a uniquely Australian perspective on the US Presidential election

“How the hell can a government ever be expected to complete a satisfactory census when the Bureau of Statistics produces a site that’s harder to get into than the White House and some sclerotic Senators won’t even fill in the census form. For the next census therefore I am contemplating an entirely new approach. Every Australian on the mainland would be transported to Tasmania free of charge. This would enable us to take an aerial photograph of the entire Australian population in Tasmania and as a result all the statisticians would have to do is count everybody in the picture. This approach offers a number of distinct advantages. No-one would have to fill in anything, there would be a huge boost to Tassie tourism and it would help Australians understand what the entire country would look like if ever we adopted the Greens’ refugee policy”

ACTU Economic Policy – The Ultimate Oxymoron

In this week’s article in The ACTU; Our Brother Bill’s Keeper Series Ged and Dave at the ACTU brief Bill on his future economic policy which they’ve designed to replace a Royal Commission by bashing business and the banks.