Offering a uniquely Australian perspective on the US Presidential election

“It’s truly amaz4911026-3x2-940x627ing that once I was no longer in The Lodge I suddenly became endowed with absolute wisdom on how the PM’s job should be done.

I desperately try to give Malcolm the benefit of this wisdom but he’s too pig-headed to absorb the enlightenment that could raise his game beyond belief.


Our country desperately needs the inspiration that only I can bring. Please do your bit to Make Australia Great Again by emailing Malcolm to implore him to heed my advice and ensure that Shorten, Triggs, climate change, gay marriage, the ABC, the republic, 18C,  budget deficits and asylum seekers are all assigned to the trash-cans of Kevin and Julia where they belong together with Pink Batts and the mining tax ”

PaulinePower Cut

Pauline got switched off in WA but is confident of her Power being switched back on in Queensland. This week’s article in the PaulinePower series reveals her plans to generate more carbon emissions than South Australia.